The Diplomats

Two days before election night 2016, close friends Annie and Carlos are having a reunion on his first visit back in New York. At first it seems their relationship hasn’t changed– that is until Carlos brings an unexpected guest: Annie’s estranged clickbait-writing friend GaryIt can only take one person to change world events - but at this reunion two days before the 2016 Presidential election - it's world events that do the changing.​

  • Classical Theater of Harlem - Reading, January 2017

  • Fresh Fruit Festival - Production, July 2017

Prison Song


PRISON SONG is a haunting play about the complicated relationship forged between two men, as one adapts to his new life in the fantastic circus known as prison, while the other attempts to forget his past. A reflection of America and its prison system, this battle of words is an adventure about realities shared and dreams deferred.​

  • Midwinter Madness Festival - Production , Feb 2012

  • Downtown Urban Arts Festival - Production,
    April 2013




Winner of the Downtown Urban Arts Festival 2016 Best Play. It is September 11, 1973 in Santiago, Chile and the government has been brutally overtaken by the military. In the midst, three strangers battle it out in a basement while chaos and paranoia drown a dying promise. Radical shows what happens to people who are left with nothing but hope.

  • Midwinter Madness Festival - Production , Feb 2013

  • Downtown Urban Arts  Festival - Production,
    March 2016


A Love Story​


In the midst of a country torn apart by political turmoil and the civic unrest of the Cuban Revolution, comes the story of one man, antonio Padilla, who finds himself lost as he faces pressure from his family, the woman he cares for, and the country he believes in. This forces him to look in his heart and ask the ultimate question: What is worth fighting for?

  • The Secret Theater - Production , October 2010

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Sweating Bullets


A decision made 25 years ago creates a ripple effect that ends in chaos and a bloodbath in modern day New York. A crime thriller that makes you ask yourself what are you willing to do to reach your goals and who is expendable to reach it?

  • ThespisTheatre Festival - Production , Summer 2013

  • Ophelia Theater -  Workshop Production, May 2015

Other Productions:

  • Mami's House - 10 Minute Play

    November 2017 - Step1 Theatre Project

  • Rabiosa - 10 Minute Play
    October 2017 - The Kraine Theater 


  • Promised Lands - 10 Minute Play,
    August 2017 - Stable Cable  Lab Co.

  • Abby Jones and That Jorge Kid - 10 Minute Play, January 2017 - The Resister Project

  • The Date - 10 Minute Play,
    November 2012 - The Bric

  • The Cliff - 10 Minute Play,
    Summer 2012 - The Source Theater


  • The Feel - 10 Minute Play,
    Summer 2012 - MITF Short Play Lab

  • King Me! - 10 Minute Play,
    Spring 2011 - MITF Short Play Lab

  • Around The Block - One Act Play,
    January 2010 - Midwinter Madness Festival