As part of the The Parsnip Ship Season 4

Directed by Rebecca Aparicio


As a Puerto Rican family prepares to watch the final game of the World Baseball Classic between the Puerto Rican and the United States national teams, a past tragedy rear its ugly head and threatens to tear apart their bond. Exploring both the connection and identity issues created by clashing generations of immigrants, this play is a study on what it is to feel like a foreigner in your own country and what each generation calls home.

December 5 - 7PM

The Mark O'Donnell Theater at The Actors Fund Arts Center

The Parsnip Ship re-imagines the concept of the radio play by specifically focusing on stories that differ in form, content and plot by emerging playwrights. The series featured new plays and new music performed live and released as a free podcast. This live event and podcast series highlights diverse voices in both theater and music and brings awareness to inspiring artists. No other theatrical event provides a free live event with our format, curation of live independent musicians and a personal interview with the playwright. Hosted by Iyvon Edebiri, and recorded live every month in Brooklyn, The Parsnip Ship is available on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher.